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Possible chemical binding of the magnetic monopole is discussed. The interaction of a monopole with a hydrogen atom is investigated in the Born-Oppenheimer approximation with the electron described by the Dirac equation. The effective potential between the monopole and the proton is determined together with the resulting bound states.On leave from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA. Work supported in part by the US Department of Energy Contract No. DE-AS02-76ER03227.


Additional Mass of Life.  Journal of Theoretics Vol. 4-2, 2002  
Amrit Sorli, Miasto Institute, 53010 Frosini, Siena, Italy    
This paper demonstrates that there is an additional mass associated with a living organism. Experiments were done in a closed environment to determine whether or not there was any mass change between the living and nonliving states. There appears to be an additional mass that is associated with a living organism that disappears at death. This additional mass could be due to a force or energy containment that exists in living organisms as it can not be accounted for otherwise within these closed systems.  Keywords: life, mass, organism                                                                            Bio Dark-Matter Chemistry: Extraordinary Materialism     

A step closer to bio dark-matter chemistry?

"The dark photon, unlike conventional photons, would have mass and would be detectable only indirectly — after the dark photons have decayed into electrons and positrons (the antimatter counterparts of electrons). Yet, like the familiar photon, which carries the electromagnetic force, the dark photon would carry a force — a new fundamental force in addition to the four that we already know about. It would be the first sign of a hidden sector, which could include entire zoos of new particles, including dark matter. “It would be like when Galileo saw moons orbiting Jupiter,” says Nima Arkani-Hamed, a theorist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. 

Source: Nature

Note: End of Nature quote:


Where matter exists, chemistry also exists. Axion particles may yield axion chemistry, involving monopoles also in the place of electric charges. Electrons, protons and neutrons may have corresponding axion particles. Just as electrons are universal constituents of all matter, axion-like particles parallel to electrons may be universal constituents of the biosphere. In addition, animals will have axions parallel to protons also. Humans will have axions parallel to neutrons as an additional third component. The most stable (the least reactive) dark-matter body exists only in humans. Plants will have the least stable dark bodies. Animals come in between. The interaction of the "dark" and "light" chemical bonds can produce extremely weak photons.


Astrophysical dark-matter (excluding axions) has nothing to do with Bio dark-matter in the biosphere. Here one looks for biophotons (not gamma rays) from living cells in a petridish under various conditions- normal, healthy, sick, sudden death, different low magnetic fields, high magnetic fields etc. An experiment can be easily dsigned to detect "magnetricty" or streams of monopoles from plants, animals and humans, which will differ by an order of magnitude acros the taxa.

Neutrinos and axions are referred to as ghostly particles. Cosmological data including the small-scale power spectrum of the cosmological matter distribution offer a sensitive measure of mass limits for neutrinos and axion-like particles both of which are considered the hot dark matter fraction. It is high time that these cosmological models on Neutrinos and Axions be brought down to the biospheric level.


More pertinent questions are:
1. What is the "invisible mind" made of? Is this just a fleeting effect of neural correlates?
2.  How will that account for the past experiences? Or is it an enduring entity?
3.  If so how can it interract and be housed in a physical body, unless it is also physical? 
4.  If physical, are they made of invisible particles?
5.  Could Neutrinos be these invisible particles? Or could it be axion-like particles?
6.  Since they come in three flavors, could they lead to some some kind of chemistry?
7.  Could monopoles be involved (in the stead of electrical charges, which they lack)?
8.  Neutrino monoploes? Axion monopoles?
9.  For eg., the two flavors as two monopoles, one negative (S) and the other postive (N)?, the third as neutral?
10. Will the same apply to axions also?
11. Will this chemistry be parallel to that of ordinary fermions (e, p & n).
12. Then is there the feasiblity of an invisible "neutrino" or "axion"body, coupled to the visible body via spin-spin interraction?
      Perhaps, these questions may be more productive than the mystical imaginations of inquisitive minds.
May be the invisible body is made of axions, neutrinos and monopoles. As I have indicated in the "Proceedings of the 10th World Conference on Computer Science/Artifical Intelligence", Las Vegas, July 2010, a bio dark-matter field will explain many of the inexplicable mental phenomena, both normal and anomalous. The biophoton data from plants, animals and humans can be correlated well with it. The different bands and different rates of emission across the taxa point to a differential distribution of bio dark-matter particles in plants, animals and humans. Ordinary "light" particles and their spins constitute ordinary "light" chemistry. Extraordianry "dark" particles and their spins constitute extraordinary "dark" chemistries. The three neutrinos and/or axions with the inclusion of monopoles are viable constituents of bio dark-matter and its plaussible chemistry.

That will yield a "dark matter body" which will be complete in humans (most stable), less complete in animals (less stable) and least complete in plants (least stable). A differential distribution of these particles across the taxa is justified from biophoton emission rates, if biophotons result from the changes in the energy states of the light and dark chemical bonds and/or their mutual interactions. 


1. All living cells emit ultra-weak, low intensity photons with frequencies from IR to UV.

2. These Biophoton emission rates per are 10 times more in plants than humans

3. Magnetic fields are negligibly small in plants, but measurable in animals and significant in humans

4. Stability factors predict an emission rate ratio in agreement with experimental data 

5. A rational physical explanation of paranormal phenomena



1."Channeling" is possible by dark-matter  entities already at a higher energy

2.   Decopling at death leaves the "dark body" dormant at a relatively negative energy state ( - E= mC^2 ).

3. Quickening is possible by a vast external energy source. 

4. Anomalous events can be artificially produced in a resonant magnetic field, depending on the extent of dissociation between "light" and "dark" chemical bonds.

5. A robot does not produce biophotons  

Philip Benjamin                                                                                                         


Recent Publications  

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 Bio Dark-Matter.   Extraordinary Materialism


Bioaxions.   Extraordinary Materialism







If mind and matter are complementary aspects of only one ultimate stuff as in dual aspect monism where the mental is not just an epiphenomenon of the material, that is admittedly a subtle form of materialism. How can the physical and the mental be involved in causal interaction, if the one is radically different from the other?

How do my intentions, my felt drives, my raw passions cause anything? Is there a non-reductive and logical account of how brain processes shape reason and rationality. The "mental" reconizes that something exists. Robots and zombies  might be in some sense logical or rational, but they wouldn't feel anything or know that they exist

How can rationality be reconciled with causality? How do neural activities gives rise to consciousness  of feelings, imaginations of future events and rationality? Non-reductive physicalism currently has to live with this kind of position in giving equal weight to `internalist' and `externalist' accounts of human experience without really understanding how one gets`translated' into the other. Physicalists look for neurobiological causal correlates for every level of consciousness.

Aassume that there are no brain events that are unconnected to mind and no mental events that are unconnected to brain. If these are just two faces of the same reality, why set up the problem in terms of both?  At the neurobiological level, it is mostly dynamic processes in structural states.  Mental levels are continuing states. What is a state at the mental level could be a process of the neurobiological level, with no correlation among states, events and processes at the two different levels. If mental states just supervene physical states , how are they causal? What causes rationality? Who is rational here? The mainstream interpretation of supervenience is in terms of property co-variation and the only difference between identity and supervenience is the concept of multiple realisibility.

How far neurobiology can go to physically map in the brain human personality, thoughts and self- awareness? the Bible talks very clearly about an individual being composed of a body (with a mind), a soul and a spirit, all of which serve distinct functions. The divide between the organic, `mapable' bit and that which operates without such physical boundaries will be between the mind and the spirit not between the body and the mind.

 Theoretical physicist Amit Goswami is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called "science within consciousness. He'll discuss his hypothesis that quantum physics holds the key to all the unsolved mysteries of biology --the nature and origin of life, fossil gaps of evolution, and why biological beings have feeling and consciousness. Hosted by George Noory". Science of consciousness has now become science within consciousness. Changing of to within is no definition for the mystic and fictional consciousness which for any science i.e. rational thinking is nothing more than the antonym of unconsciousness. The Copenhagen Interpretation (Copenpagan Incantation?) has ruined any prospects for ratioanlity in this field. The real question is not consciousness per se but "consciousness of what"? Of pain? pleasure? color? of self/personhood? They are all different qualia (quale is simply a fancy name for quality, a pretence for scholarship!). The neurological distance between these qualities is as far apart as the East from the West with this caveat that the one begins where the other ends, just as East begins where West ends! "Self/personhood" is the most important of all these. Self has got to be the invisible equivalent of the visible electromagnetic (EM) body, with negligible mass. The only rational way for the existence of that self is cocreation from the very moment of conception. The invisibility demands that the self be made of invisible (non-EM) matter of negligible mass such as axions, or the non-electric neutrinos and monopoles. In other words bio dark-matter and its dark chemistry will yield the "self" from the moment of conception.

Wave function collapse is subjective QM interpretation. Wave-like matter is not the same as matter-wave. "Wave-likeness" as a paradox in the particle premise ends with other riddles. Forcing wave equations or string equations on wave-like matter is fine, but as in all calculations imaginary/absurd solutions must be discarded. Bio world needs bio dark-matter also. 

Dark matter with its possible dark chemistry gives a new twist to the term "materialism". The bio-zones of plants, animals and humans cannot be justified as configurations of three fermions which are common to all. Something more substantial than 0.1% genetic divergence,must account for the difference between humans and chimps. A bio dark-matter with three types of axion-like particles corresponding to electron, proton and neutron. That calls for an extraordinary materialism governing the biosphere.       


1.All living matter emit coherent low energy biophotons. 2.Plants emit 10 times more than humans. 3. Source is invisible. 4. Ordinary matter alone cannot explain these. Bio dark matter needed. 6. Chemistry exists where matter exists. 7. Dark matter chemistry (similar to SUSY chem.) can produce a dark matter body. 8. Different bands, different emission rates indicate a differential distribution of bio dark-matter particles. 9. An exponential relationship of stability of dark-chemical bonds makes dark-bonds in plants 9 times less stable than in humans. 10. That leads to less interaction of dark bonds in humans by a factor of 9 w.r.t plants and thus 9 times less emission rate agreeing closely with reported value (see below).


Popp et al had established that all living systems spontaneously emit biophotons(380-780 nm), in the range from 1 to 1,000 photons × s-1 × cm-2, depending on their condition and vitality. The spectral distribution is quite flat within the range of at least 300 to 800 nm. Bentov (1977) describes a series of energy exchange diagrams which illustrate different frequencies of different species. Benjamin (2003) proposed an axion-like bio dark-matter chemistry. These axions were called emotons(E), psychons(P)and neumatons(N)coupled to electrons (e),protons(p)and neutrons(n)respectively via spin-spin interactions. Electron/emoton pairs are common to all life.  

Plants  = (e/E) + p + n                                 Least complete     Most active

Animals = (e/E) + (p/P) + n                        Less complete       Less active

Humans  = (e/E) + (p/ P) + (n/ N)             Most complete     Least active

Only humans have the complete set and thus the maximum stability. Biophoton rates is 3^3: 3^2 : 3^1 (or 9:3:1) for plants, animals, humans. The powers 3, 2, 1 refer to the number of kinds of dark matter particles, in each taxon, the base 3 to the number of kinds of light matter common to all (e, p & n). This agrees closely with experiments, plants emit 10 times more than humans.

 [Ordinary Materialism]  

"The prospect of personal annihilation is staggeringly frightening to most. Many of us would prefer almost any route other than to be given a convincing argument that death is final. But the face of the inevitable watches pitilessly in the dark valley of the shadow of death. If ordinary materialism is right, i.e. if the conscious, aware "Self" is established by the structures and processes within the brain, then  "after death" will bethe same state as "before birth", as if one never lived at all. As Dr. Jack Kevorkian, says, "...despite the solace of hypocritical religiosity and its seductive promise of an after-life of heavenly bliss" death is the end.... and not afraid of the prospect of annihilation.  I have accepted that there's nothing I can do to hold on to my life. Nothing will let me keep my life and I will have to die. I have accepted that much.  Finally, as the  novelist Anthony Burgess, says: the " vestigial fear of hell" is at most a conditioned reflex from a childhood indoctrination. We have no reasons for believing any of the claims that there is an afterlife".

If the "human mind" is purely a "quantum" biporoduct of ordinary particles, then panpsychism is inevitable, for which there is no empirical or experimental or experiential evidence. Harvard Prof. Hauser's 'humaniqueness' is obvious, giving "Humanism" a new twist. The ubiquitous sameness of everything, posited by late Prof. Gould (Harvard) with "no difference between twigs & humans", is devoid of proof. The three sentient states- universal vegetative state, animal-human state and the unique anthropic state- correlate well with the different frequencies and emission rates of biophotons across the taxa; plants emit 10 times more than humans. A differential distribution (genetic) of axion-like bio dark-particles and their dark chemistries across the taxa predicts a ratio of 9.

[Extraordinary Materialism] 

In Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew and Latin the root for soul and spirit is "breath". When the last "breath" was gone the body was dead. So they determined that there is something "breath-like", invisible that keeps the body alive. Had the ancients been aware of "dark matter", most probably soul/spirit would have been called "dark" bodies! In Aristotelian physics, ‘form’ and matter are perpetually paired and the archetypical examples of forms are ‘substances’. Matter and form are the "causes" of whatever exists. Aristotelian "forms" are dark matter bodies. These "dark bodies" are formed at the moment of conception governed by "dark matter" genetics parallel to "light matter" genetics.

"Life" HERE exists in an entropic, electric body not in a hyper-space. If there is life hereafter, that will exist in a non-entropic, non-electric "dark matter body". The invisible Homo sapiens made of Bio Dark-Matter is left dormant on death at a relatively negative energy state by the decoupling of the visible body (-E = mC^2)? Quickening is possible, if energized from a vast external energy source. That is "materialism extraordinaire". Not metaphysics.

The differential incorporation of dark particles is governed by genetics. Only humans have the most complete and most stable dark bodies culminating in the invisible Homo sapiens.This may explain the taxonomic gradation of sentience. Plants have only sensitivity to the environment. Animals have intelligence in addition. Humans possess a third quality of self-awareness. At death the Invisible Homo sapiens is dormant at a relatively negative energy state (-E= mC^2), quickened only by humongous external energy, leaving little chance for roving ghosts.

Biophoton emission rate is linked to an organism’s position on the taxonomy scale. The more complex the organism, the smaller is the emission rate. Human cells emit only 10 photons/cm2/sec at a wavelength of 200-800 nm (within the visible range). Plants and rudimentary animals emit 100 photons/cm2/sec, about 10 times more than humans (Ruth and Popp 1976; Popp 1978).  Apparently, these ultra-weak photons result from some form of very week interactions. The biophoton emission rates of sick and dying cells are reported to be significantly higher than in normal cells, with large bursts at the moment of death. This indicates degrees of dissociation of some type of unidentified bonds. It has been proposed that they may yield dark Chemistries following the pattern of stable duet or octet configuration rules of ordinary chemistry, spin-spin interactions and couplings (Benjamin, 2003, 2007-A, 2007-B, 2010 A & B).An Exponential stability factors may exist agreeing with a predicted emission ratio of 9:1 in plants and animals.  Different biophoton frequencies across the taxa also give credence to differential distributions of "light" and "dark" particle pairs. Plant sentience is mainly sensitivity. Animals have sentience and intelligence. Humans possess self-awareness in addition.These bio differentials can be examined as due to differences in dark matter configurations across the taxa.Experimental Design 



A dark matter field coupled physically via "chemical bonds" to the ordinary matter field of sentient systems may be dissociated in resonant magnetic fields and eventually decoupled from instant death by toxins or electricity or ultraviolet or gamma rays. The decoupling signals in the form of photons will be detected and measured.

Quartz Window    PM                                     Photon   

       Sample     --> Tube --> Amplifier--> Discriminator--> Counter--> Computer  

Expected results based on theory:  

1. Biophoton emission rate per from Plant cells will normally be 9 times more than human cells and three times more than animal cells. 

2. Upon sudden death there will be a burst of biophoton emission from all cells, but the ratio of emission will be the same. 

3. Varying yields of biophotons in varying magnetic fields will indicate different degrees of dissociation of the coupling bonds between "dark" and "light" bodies. This will support the work of Persinger on artificially induced paranormal phenomena


      From an ordinary materialistic view, no single basic difference in particle configurations separates human beings from other animals or even plants.  Panpsychism is an inevitability for which there is no empirical evidence. A 0.1% disparity in about 20 genes alone can cause the difference between humans and chimpanzees. Definition of a ratiocinative sentient human life as Homo sapiens is blatantly confusing and incomplete as Harvard Prof. Marc Hauser(2008) states in his theory of "humaniqueness". Bio world needs bio dark-matter also.  If matter exists, chemistry exists. Even SUSY chemistry is possible. Dark matter chemistry gives substance to what Aristotle intuitively figured out as ‘form‘. Interactions between "light" and "dark" chemical bonds may be the source of biophotons. A differential distribution of three axion-like bio dark-matter particles gives stability ratios of dark matter bodies across the taxa that correspond to the experimentally observed ratio of biophoton emission rates in plants and humans.             

In Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew and Latin the root for soul and spirit is "breath". When the last "breath" was gone the body was dead. So they determined that there is something "breath-like", invisible that keeps the body alive. Had the ancients been aware of "dark matter", most probably soul/spirit would have been called "dark" bodies! In Aristotelian physics, ‘form’ and matter are perpetually paired and the archetypical examples of forms are ‘substances’. Matter and form are the "causes" of whatever exists.  Aristotelian "forms" are dark matter bodies. Source of biophotons is unknown. DNA was speculated, but the bands and the rates of biophoton emission across the taxa are different while the DNA structures are very similar. Dark matter chemistries can predict values in agreement with observations. Dissociation of dark-matter chemical bonds from their corresponding "light" matter bonds in humans explains NDE/OBE. Low energy magnetic fields can effect the same.                  


The decreasing intensities of biophoton emission in the living cells of plants, animals and humans support this view. 1. How can mind invisibly function in the visible physical realm, unless it is also physical? 2. If it is physical why should it not be structured according to known physical laws? 3. Will non-electromagnetic matter particles account for the invisible mind as Dark Matter makes up for the missing mass of the universe? Could it be that the dark axion bodies in animals and in plants are incomplete and unstable? There is an invisible homo sapiens coupled parallel to the visible human body? A Dark Hierarchy may exist consisting of Dark Atoms, Dark Molecules, Dark Compounds, Dark Cells and Dark Organisms. Only humans will have a complete hierarchy of Dark Bodies. Biophoton Emission support this, plants emitting about 10 times more than animals.                             


 In essence, is human life any different from any other form of life? Is there a life hereafter? Is it'humaniqueness' of Hauser or the sameness of Gould with no difference between a twig and a human being(both Harvard Profs). Can The invisible Homo sapiens be resurrected as it is left dormant on death at a relatively negative energy state (a humongous -E = mC^2)? Relevant facts are: 1. There are three discrete sentient states, a universal vegetative state, an animal state common to animals and humans, an anthropic state unique to humans. 2. Biophoton emission rates are vastly different across the taxa, plants emiting 10 times more than humans. These facts can be correlated.  Dissociation of dark chemical bonds under optimum low energy magnetic fields explains Persinger's artificially induced NDE/OBE. Persinger, MA, et al. (2010). "The Electromagnetic Induction of Mystical and Altered States Within the Laboratory". Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research 1 (7): 808–830. ISSN 2135-8212.. This is Materialism Extraordinaire!















1. Anthropic sentience has a vegitative component
2. Anthropic sentience has an animal component
3. Anthropic sntience has a human component, what Hauser calls 'humaniqueness'
Hauser, Marc. (2008), A  theory of "humaniqueness‘, The annual meeting of the American    Association for the Advancement of Science, February, 2008. Hauser is professor of psychology, biological anthropology, and organismic and evolutionary biology in Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Then, Plants have  'plantuniqueness' and animals have 'animaliqueness'.

[Philip Benjamin, PhD]

Bioaxions & Biophotons

1.  Ultra-weak Biophotons exist as determined by A. F. Popp and others.
 2. Their emission rates differ substantially, by an order of magnitude across the taxa That is well established. 
3. Their energy range is far below any known chemical energy including the feeblest bioluminiscence.
4. Axion is a theretically established/required non-electric particle of negligible mass.           
5. A bio-axion field also may exist. Axion-like bio-particles with monopoles instead of electric charges.
6. Bio-axions, as do some known particles, may cause axion chemistries. The energetics may be of a very low order.
7. Bio-axions may be differentially distributed across the taxa. There are many other bio-things also differentially distributed.
8. Stability factors are inverse to reactivity factors Well established.                                       
9. A ratio of stability factors can be determined across the taxa.
10. The predicted stability/reactivity ratio agrees with experimental biophoton data across the taxa.
Corollaries: 1. Decoupling of the human bio-axion body upon cessation of observable life leaves the axion-body at a relatively negative energy state.
2. This dormancy can be overcome by adequate external energy.
3. For life-energy a life-source is needed.

Magnetism in Plants, Animals & Humans

The principal end product for plants, animals and humans is the production of highly energetic macromolecules as ATP, second in importance only to the DNA, which enable plants and animals to carry on their necessary work which is critical for all life from the simplest to the most complex.  

Chloroplast ATP synthase is remarkably similar to human mitochondrial ATP synthase. 

All known life-forms have the same basic biochemical foundation: genetic information encoded in DNA, transcribed into RNA, through the agency of proteins- RNA-enzymes, and translated into proteins by very similar ribosomes, with ATP, NADH and others as energy sources. The genetic code by  which DNA information effects protein productions is mostly identical for all known living matter, from plants to humans. Yet, all living organisms (plants, animals, humans) produce measurable electric fields, but not magnetic fields. Brain activity seems to produce extremely small magnetic fields in animals and humans (John T. Cacioppo, Louis G. Tassinary, Gary G. Berntson - 2007  isbn=0521844711).
As for magnetic fields plants seem to have the least (almost negligible), animals and humans have measurable magnetic fields.  Electrical fields are generated via electric charges (mono-charges). Similarly, magnetic fields could be generated by monopoles, probably axion-like particles with N & S (or +, -) polarity. The differences in the strengths of the magnetic fields across the taxa may be due to differential distribution of axion-like particles across the taxa. There is a parallel phenomenon of vastly different ultra-weak biophoton emission rates/ in plants, animals and humans.                                                                  

Dark Matter 

1. Astrophysical: MACHOS, WIMPS  for the missing mass of the universe.  

2. Theoretical: Axions for  the strong CP problem in quantum chromodynamics.

3. Bio Dark-matter: Bio-axions for ultra-weak biophoton emissions 

They are different things explaining different phenomena. Axions have theoretical basis and mathematical evidence. Bio Dark-matter is axion-like. It is stipulated to explain the origin and different emission/ across the taxa, via bio-axion chemical bonds [The chemical energy in bioluminiscence of fireflies comes from molecules of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)which living cells use to store and transfer energy. Enzyme luciferase has an active role here. The biophoton energy is way below this type of chemical energy].
  May 1, 2011

Philip Benjamin: "Invisible" does not necessarily mean immaterial or non-physical. It seems possible to set up experiments to separate "monopoles" from all living cells (cultures) in strengths expected to be in the same ratio as the biophoton emission rates. Magnetricity will be involved instead of electricity. One has to think very elementarily here, even in the lingo of Dalton's Law, Crookes Tube, Rutherford-Soddy experiments and so on.

A live biophoton emitting source in a sealed but airfilled petri dish will replace the radioactive source in a Crookes tube. Martemyanov V.P., and Khakimov C.H ( The inhibition of Dirac monopole into metals and ferromagnetics. Sov. J.Exp.Theor.Phys., 1972, 62, 35-411972) have shown theoretically the possibility of accumulation for magnetic monopoles in ferromagnetic materials in magnetic field.

An electric explosion of a toxic gas  in a plastic tube  placed inside the petri dish should instantly kill the cells. The sudden death of the cells is expected to produce a sudden burst of biophotons as well as magnetic monopoles.  A magnetic trap for the monopoles is an iron foil of 20-micron thickness, 15X 15 mm, enriched with Fe57 to 94%. One each is placed on the top and bottom external surface of the petridish, to give the minimal distance from the source of emission. It may not be possible to use a static magnet to separate the monopoles. Instead a  pulse magnetic field must be generated over the petri-dish. A strong magnet ( large horse shoe with. North pole fused into at the bottom and the South pole at the top of where the petri dish is located may facilitate the flow of the monopoles in opposite directions ..The disposition of the samples,  the magnetic traps, the direction of magnetic fields on the samples must be optimum for  the flow of the monopoles. [Designed after the model suggested by N.G. IVOILOV1,  L.I. URUTSKOEV  Kazan State University, Kazan and RECOM Inst. Kurchatov, Moscow  in Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, Volume 29, Hors série 3, 2004,]. The strengths of magnetic fields on the magnetic traps will then be measured.Philip Benjamin: Face the "dark" facts of taxonomy. Time to get out the mystic cocoons of fantasy. 
Philip Benjamin Correct. And to the point. The long bearded self-styled "saints of science"  have to get out of their mystic cocoons of fantasies, sheer subjectivities and gross crudities of gazing  their belly-buttons,  and stop this inane "god-talk" and asinine pursuit of undefinable non-existent  "consciousness juice" with the labyrinth of traps and trajectories it has wierdly created in all branches of science. Then and then only they can think straight and concentrate their minds on the solid realities of their existence. 









The physical gas-laws  were inexplicable unltill Dalton, that English School teacher of chemisrty, came up with a simple, rough and ready theory on the "invisible" atoms. It took almost a century to come up with the experimental data by Rutherford (physics) & Soddy (chemistry) at McGill University and others in England, Poland, France etc.

Experimental data on biophotons already exist. It will be possible to separate monopoles from plant, animal and human tissue cell cultures much the same way as the cathode and anode rays, except "magnetricity" will  be involved instead of electricity.

[Silva Cass]: Phillip, what has always perplexed me is, how can a dead brain, project an image? Cass 

[Philip Benjamin] A very reasonable question for the "medicos". I could not find a reasonable answer, so far. "Brain death" is what now defines as full termination of life. A re-definition of death is of necessity a matter of common sense, not Western profundity or Eastern punditry. There is somewhere a "mirror brain" which is still alive and well. It cannot be some emergent phantom, it has got to be "substantial" but of negligible mass. Just as the ordinary brain is "useless" unless it is an integral functioning part of a "totality" of the physical body, the "mirror brain" also has to follow suit. It must be an integral part of of a "totality" of a "mirror body". That means involvement of particles akin to the theretical AXIONS and their monopoles. I cannot understand the flimsy resistance of some self-styled intellectual nincompoops to accept that as a fact, an ordinary REALITY of life, when at the same time they tout NDE's and OBE's as some mystic "realities" which only "omniscient minds" of the distant past could have understood!! Thankfully there are quite a few and their number is increasing who consider bio dark-matter as a viable scientific proposition. Most of the pseudo intellectuals by their own "brave and intelligent" admissions are drug addicts possessed by occultist "axionic" entities who are notoriously known as "lying spirits, familiar spirits" aka ET's etc!! 
How can a phenomenon be mystic (subjective) and real (objective) at the same time in the same place in the same manner? The law of noncontradiction is broken. So they concocted the"Both and"  logic and stupidly justify it on the basis of a magically construed "matter-waves" fiction instead of the reality of a wave-like matter particles, between which there is a tsunami of difference. 
Thus a re-definition of death is: "complete decoupling of the bio-axion body from the ordinary fermionic body". That could be settled by developing quick methods of biophoton measurements from body tissues. A dead cell will have no (or vanishing) biophoton emissions. For an EVIDENIALIST that is more than an adequate proposition.  I am surprised every kind of foolish notions are accepted or experimented on with enormous waste of resources mostly public money, but these pseudo intellectuals are still addicted to their occultism and drugs and the diabolic notions of Bodhi- omniscience etc, as ever before when it comes to their phantasm of "consciousness juice" !!
Best regards
Philip Benjamin 
May symposium of the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, May 2–5, 2011 reports no gamma-ray signs of dark matter. Robert Johnson of the University of California, Santa Cruz reported on May 4, 2011: "the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has failed to find definitive evidence of dark matter after more than two years of searching". 
However, astrophysical dark-matter (excluding axions) has nothing to do with Bio dark-matter in the biosphere. There, one has to look for very low energy biophotons (lower than the lowest known bio-chemical or bioluminescent or chemiluminescent energies) from living cells in a petridish under various conditions- normal, healthy, sick, sudden death, different low magnetic fields, high magnetic fields etc. An experiment can be easily dsigned to detect "magnetricty" from plants, animals and humans which will differ by an order of magnitude acros the taxa.

Philip Benjamin
Damir Ibrisimovic wrote:"Dear Philip, Have a nice Friday/Saturday." Damir
Philip Benjamin:
To repeat, "astrophysical dark-matter (excluding axions) has nothing to do with Bio dark-matter in the biosphere. Here one looks for biophotons (not gamma rays) from living cells in a petridish under various conditions- normal, healthy, sick, sudden death, different low magnetic fields, high magnetic fields etc. An experiment can be easily dsigned to detect "magnetricty" from plants, animals and humans, which will differ by an order of magnitude acros the taxa".
 A scientific analysis of a problem normally consists of: 1. Obserfvatons/Experimental data; 2. Rational analysis of the data;   3. Inferences/Interpretations;  4. Conclusions
I have meticulously followed this format(with every study I have ever done). Those steps are clearly defined in my papers and the websit: What is needed is a CRITICAL scrutiny/thinking of those steps. 
In the classical analysis of data immaginary and absurd solutions are routinely rejected. Unfortunately rationality has been sacrificed and compromised in QM theories, mostly because some of the founders co-opted mysticism, sorcery, Taoism etc into science. It is a historic sad fact that significant ones among them had some serious chemical as well as non-chemical addiction problems also, which stimulated the pleasure/craving centers along with the ratiocinative loci of their brains. There is a lot of "pontifications" resulting from that and still go on unchecked, with no questions asked!!
Best regards
Philip Benjamin
[Philip Benjamin] August 20, 2015
Interface Between Science & Philosophy is the Interphase Between Light-matter and Dark-matter bodies.
Peevish complaining (whingeing in cockney lingo?) by Prof. Jonathan C.W. Edwards about lack of "gems amongst a lot of stuff" at the Helsinki 2015 Conference Towards a Science of Consciousness, is predictably understandable ( The assessment that "a lot of the good stuff was at the interface between fundamental physics, metaphysics, and philosophy of mind", needs clarification. This interface is the interphase between light-matter and dark-matter bodies. Aristotle first used the term metaphysics to cover First Philosophy or First Science or Wisdom or Theology. He would have considered the mind-body relation as physics (First Physics), since non-physicality is not implied anywhere. Latin scholars misread metaphysics to be "science beyond physics", but by the 17th century it began to be understood as about the ultimate reality, about being, what is it like being? By the end of the 18th century after the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, it added the Eastern flavor of "consciousness" with no warrant. 
Physicists want to bring mind-body problem (or is it consciousness?) under the measurable subtle aspects of the mathematical structure of quantum systems. Unbeknownst  to consciousness punditry is the rapidly progressing field of dark-matter (DM). 
Lisa Randall of Harvard Physics foresees “super-dramatic consequences of dark atoms even allowing the existence of dark life” ( If she had done a little quantum chemical thinking also, she would have affirmed the existence of bio dark-matter chemistry and a dark-chemically constituted dark human doppelganger permeating the light human body and bonded to it via light/dark chemical bonds. That is the dark self, in resonance with the light body. Resonance is recognition (awareness).  Ab initio computational chemistry is all that is possible for bio dark-matter chemistry.
In an intensely interactional physical world of dynamic existence, non-physicality is non sequitur. "The redness of a tomato" is initially only a signal for redness from the tomato. The signal is processed in the machinery of the light brain and mirrored in the dark-brain which has an intrinsic archetypal foundation for numbers, colors, shapes and forms, without which no transduction of the signal from the tomato to the redness in the mind is possible.
Notes:  1. First signs of self-interacting dark matter is reported in ScienceDaily, April 14, 2015, reprinted from materials provided by European Southern Observatory - ESO, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2015 
2.  ( Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine, Kris Sigurdson  November, 2012 proposed that  dark atoms have (dark) atom-sized geometric cross sections. This model also provides an example of self-interacting DM with a velocity-dependent cross section. 









































































































































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